Relic Sales Motivator WooCommerce

Do you want to increase your per order value? We have very powerful sales motivator features bundled in a single plugin.
This plugin helps you increase conversions and maximize order value with a customizable free shipping notification bar, recent sales notification and frequently bought together widgets.

  1. Free Shipping Notification OR General Notification

  2. Recent Sales

  3. Frequently Bought Together

To install a plugin in your WordPress admin panel, follow the following steps:

Plugin Installation Method

    1. Go on your Wordpress Admin

    2. Click "Plugins » Add new"

    3. Click "Upload plugin"

    4. Select the plugin zipped file and validate

    5. Activate the plugin

Free Shipping

  1. Go To Dashboard > Sales Motivator 
  2. Enable Free Shipping
  3. Now go to free shipping page and set as you required

Recent Sales Notification

  1. Go To Dashboard > Sales Motivator 
  2. Enable Recent Sales Notification 
  3. Now go to recent sales notificaton page
  4. Set the Following Settings

a) Product From => Real Order or Latest Product, Feature Products, On Sale products, Up Sale Products

b) Number of products to display

c) Order With In (It's Fetch order within day range)

d) Messages (What you want to display) etc..

Frequently Bought Together

  1. Go To Dashboard > Sales Motivator 
  2. Enable Frequently Bought Together 
  3. Now go to frequently bought setting page
  4. Set the Following Settings

a) Title

b) Product From (Real Order or Manual from each product)

c) Show Product Thumbnail

d) Show Description

e) Show Number of products